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The only thing I can say in favor of my work is its sincerity.

-- H. P. Lovecraft

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Strategies to perpetuate conflict for personal gain
My cnm relationships are non-fungible
Why i'm a member of 3PBS community music radio
Live shows: for me, smaller is better
Being a ‘writer’
On the notion that tops need to have experienced what they do to their bottoms
“We tried polyamory in the 60s, it didn't work”
Back on Usenet
Nobody really ‘sleeps’, or really needs ‘sleep’; ‘sleep’ is a social construct
Saying something is ‘bugged’ is a serious accusation
The Australian activist left desperately needs an infusion of class politics
Some of what being an ‘owner’ means to me
Some of the music i'm listening to - 10
“Woke commie PC bullshit”
The hyperactivity of my adhd mind
Some of the music i'm listening to - 9
Are trans dommes unusual?
ERC with soju: update
Topspace and topdrop
Exclusivity in leftist activist circles
“Tranny chasing” vs being attracted to non-cis people
Again on whether sex is a ‘need’
On misgendering: an analogy
Some backstory
How the failures of psychiatrists contribute to people self-diagnosing with adhd
Setting up the soju IRC bouncer on OpenBSD, and using it with Emacs' ERC
Some of the music i'm listening to - 8
Vaneigem's “Revolution of Everyday Life”
‘Experts’ vs people's lived experiences
Misgendering is bad — and so is theory that erases lived experiences
On AI-created works
The steep slippery slope of ‘internalised X’
Unfuck you and unfuck your unfucking ‘manifesto’
Let's talk about neuronormativity and ableism in queer/tgd communities
i don't belong to the queer/tgd communities
A timeline of Unix commands
Bitcoin's energy consumption
A sail without a hull
Brief life update - 2
Cosmo feminism
Neurodivergence, sexuality, connection and intimacy
Food should not be bought and sold
Let's talk about how we talk about sex and entitlement
Non-sexual kink isn't somehow ‘superior’ to sexual kink
Language supporting gender diversity
Debord's “Society of the Spectacle”
The metaphysics of ontopoetics and panpsychism
Autism, the mental health professions, gaslighting, and trauma
Leftist history repeating itself: on the notion that adhd is caused by capitalism
Creating minimal EPUBs with epub-create
Knowing the acorn doesn't necessarily mean you know the oak tree
Some of the music i'm listening to - 7
Is (cryptocurrency) winter coming?
On telling users to write the documentation themselves
Kink contracts
Deplatforming sex
Sefaria on Gemini!
“Desert”: on the future of human civilisation
Some of the music i'm listening to - 6
Humans in space, part 1: NASA and Old Space
Re: Re: A convention for gemlog tags
Afab and submissive
A convention for gemlog tags
The One True Way of teaching maths
Re: git clarity
Error messages
Why i don't use the terms ‘TERF’ or ‘SWERF’
Re: More thoughts on sincere conversation
Re: The Disappearance of Sincere Conversations
Some of the music i'm listening to - 5
Authoring man pages with mdoc(7)
The original cancel cultures
Self-involved egocentric bullshit
Identity, gender and privilege
A(nother) kink road less travelled?
The importance of appropriate housing
Roguelikes and maths
Some of the music i'm listening to - 4
Moving to openbsd.amsterdam hosting
Brief life update
Adventures with Realtek wifi on Linux
Re: Reformatting gemini text
MasterChef, men, and mental health
Re: RE: The bemoaning of people's smartphone usage
The bemoaning of people's smartphone usage
Approaching winter solstice
Being competitive vs. being a douche
When comments are accidentally left in academic articles
Some of the music i'm listening to - 3
Wikipedia's definition of ‘category theory’
Kink aesthetics
Identifying as ‘a dominant’
Some of the music i'm listening to - 2
The Kobo Libra H₂O e-ink reader
Folklore and triviality in category theory
Some of the music i'm listening to - 1
s6/66 for init, service supervision and service management
Some common ungrammatical/unidiomatic uses of English
The purpose of Gemini, and ease-of-access to geminispace
“Only the best bottoms make it to the top”: wut
Why i like mdoc(7) for man pages
“Calm down!”; or, unhelpful approaches to distress
Re: Geminispace vs. Beeblebroxians
Geminispace vs. Beeblebroxians
ZFC is a foundation for maths, not the foundation
Genderqueer demographics
Having cancer compared to having chronic fatigue
The ‘feminine’/‘masculine’ division
Some annoyances in maths papers
Re: Narcissism
Beyond bivalence
Tops are human, too
The limits of modifying language
Oversimplified notions of ‘fluidity’
On the word ‘gender’ and the phrase “gender is a social construct”
Dualism, polarities and cishetnormativity
Re: Does being queer and/or TGD contraindicate STEM? pt 2
Re: Does being queer and/or TGD contraindicate STEM?
Re: Does being queer and/or TGD contraindicate STEM?
Does being queer and/or TGD contraindicate STEM?
A convention for gemtext footnotes
“[T]he irreducibility of rejection to negation”
Re: Attack Vector for FOSS
Recent Linux kernel issues
You think you have debugging problems?
Programming language evangelism
On ‘bloat’ and ‘minimalism’