flexibeast.space - gemlog - 2021-05-31

Approaching winter solstice

Or: Why yes, the Earth does have an entire other hemisphere. :-)

Even though i'm conscious we're but a few weeks away from winter solstice, i'm still somewhat startled by how short the days are. Not that they're particularly short compared to such winter days in higher latitudes - here in Naarm/Melbourne[a], we're only ~38°S - but they nevertheless feel so compared to what it's like most of the year. Sunset today was around 1709 (AEST); sunset at summer solstice will be around 2041 (AEDT).

The fact that my sleep cycles are more nocturnal than diurnal probably contributes. i actually prefer being awake at night to being awake during the day, when there are many more ambient noise forks[b] wearing me down and consuming my spoons[c]. Then, too, i'm easily woken by sunlight, even when i desperately need sleep. So as i'm not someone who experiences Seasonal Affective Disorder, shorter days and longer nights tend to work better for me overall.

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[a] ‘Naarm’ is the locale's name in the Woiwurrung language of the Kulin nation.

[b] Fork theory

[c] Spoon theory