About me

i have a bachelor's degree in Women's Studies (think ‘gender studies’), but my interests include (amongst other things):


Roughly the last two millenia of Eurasian history (with particular interest in the British Isles, Germany, the subcontinent, and China), and the 20th century CE globally.

Languages and linguistics

i did a number of linguistics units at university, speak/write some Spanish and German, have been learning Hebrew vocabulary and script, and have been trying to learn to read Devanagari script (which i find gorgeous).

Wikipedia: ‘Devanagari’


Mainly urban ecology (as part of reconciliation ecology), systems ecology (reflecting a more general interest in systems theory), and ecosystem ecology (particularly riparian ecology).

Wikipedia: ‘Urban ecology’

Wikipedia: ‘Reconciliation ecology’

Wikipedia: ‘Systems ecology’

Wikipedia: ‘Systems theory’

Wikipedia: ‘Ecosytem ecology’

Wikipedia: ‘Riparian zone’

Philosophy, metaphysics and spirituality

i'm particularly interested in the philosophy of mathematics and the philosophy of science. In terms of the former, i'm a mathematical relativist, in the sense described by Andrej Bauer in his post "Am I a constructive mathematician?"

“Am I a constructive mathematician?”

More generally, i'm interested in process thought.

Wikipedia: ‘Process philosophy’

Metaphysically, i'm fundamentally agnostic, not in the sense of asserting that the existence of the divine is inherently unknowable, but in the sense that its existence is not currently known (though might be in the future). Within that context, my basic beliefs are closest to a process-thought panentheism:

Wikipedia: ‘Panentheism’

Wikipedia: ‘Process philosophy’

and (though i'm not actually Hindu), the philosophy of Vishishtadvaita:

Wikipedia: ‘Vishishtadvaita’

More generally, Terry Pratchett's representation of witchcraft on the Disc resonates with me:

Witchcraft on Discworld

Non-commercial music radio

i'm a member of local community radio station 3PBS:

PBS Web site

Shows from the current lineup that i enjoy listening to include:

“Bleeding Black Hearts Revue”

“Dry Run”

“Electric Sunset”

“Got the Blues”


“Passing Notes”

“Pojama People”


“Sunglasses after Dark”

“The Modernist”

“The Juke Joint”

At the moment, i'm particularly partial to “Soak", “Dry Run”, and “Bleeding Black Hearts Revue”.


i really enjoy following / watching / listening to the sport of cricket, regardless of who's playing. i definitely prefer the red-ball game, both international and domestic, but can certainly enjoy the white-ball games. T20 is not really my thing, but i do think it is a form of cricket, and is good for cricket overall.

Wikipedia: ‘Cricket’

Software documentation and programming

i'm fairly fluent in Perl and Emacs Lisp, but have some basic familiarity with a number of other languages, including C, Haskell, and Ada, and am actively following the development of Zig. i also enjoy writing LaTeX and mdoc(7) markup.

My Sourcehut page

My GitHub page



i'm the porter and maintainer of mdoc(7) ports of the documentation for several pages in the s6 ecosystem:









i'm the maintainer of a collection of ICT guides for FOSS *n*x-ish systems, most of which i've authored:

ICT guides

In recent times, i've been contributing to the Gentoo Linux wiki:

My Gentoo wiki contributions

My Gentoo wiki user page includes a number of links to resources for using s6/66:

My Gentoo wiki user page

In the past, i've made a number of contributions to the documentation for Void Linux:

My Void Linux documentation contributions


i'm the primary author of several Emacs packages, including:

Ebuku: an Emacs UI for the buku Web bookmark manager

pulseaudio-control: an Emacs UI to control PulseAudio volumes

More recently, i've been creating POSIX shell scripts:

qemu-start: a simple interactive script to facilitate launching QEMU VMs

epub-create: create a minimal EPUB from a small collection of files

Unix-y OSes

In particular, Linux and OpenBSD.

i run Gentoo on my personal laptop, and OpenBSD on my private servers. As i spend much of my time in Emacs - for example, i use mu4e as my MUA, and ERC as my IRC client - it will come as no surprise that i use the excellent elpher gemini/gopher client, for which i've submitted a couple of patches.





Mainly category theory and categorial/algebraic logic. i find topos theory and non-classical logics fascinating.


Mostly Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup (though nowadays mainly the bcrawl variant), HyperRogue, Shattered Pixel Dungeon and Infra Arcana.

Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup



Shattered Pixel Dungeon

Infra Arcana


You can contact me at alexis [at] flexibeast.space.