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Dualism, polarities and cishetnormativity

i agree that polarities certainly exist in reality in some sense, e.g. light and dark. And there's certainly a common recognition that there can be a spectrum between such polarities, e.g. the range of twilight. The issue i have is gender being treated in such a manner, as a fundamental reality of the universe/multiverse.

i regard treating ‘masculinity’ and ‘femininity’ as polarities in a zero-sum game[a], in which one can only be ‘more’ of one by being ‘less’ of the other, as problematic for several reasons:

My experience is that there's a lot of ‘received wisdom’ dualism in the communities to which i otherwise feel most connected (e.g. spiritual communities). As a result, i often feel that my lived experience is constantly erased, or implicitly excluded. i feel i'd have to distort my sense of self to be able to fit within the sort of conceptual frameworks being assumed.

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[a] Wiktionary: ‘zero-sum game’

[b] “Does being queer and/or TGD contraindicate STEM?”