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Some of the music i'm listening to - 3

There's music i enjoy, and then there's music i enjoy so much that the only way i can describe how much i enjoy it is by referring to it as a ‘dopamine hit’. The exemplar i've tended to use for this is “The Sun”, by The Misteriosos, tagged on Bandcamp as (amongst other things) ‘psychedelic rock’ and ‘space rock’:

“The Sun”

To my annoyance, i don't have the language to adequately articulate why that track does it for me. And now, even better: there's an entire new album i have that problem with. :-)

The album is by local[a] band “The Black Heart Death Cult”, and is titled “Sonic Mantras”; its tags include ‘psychedelic rock’ and ‘heavy-shoegaze’.

“Sonic Mantras”

i assume that a significant part of what i'm enjoying is (what i have associations as) the classic subcontinental sound, such as in the opening track, “Goodbye Gatwick Blues”, and the sitar-laden final track, “Sonic Dhoom”. But then there are tracks like “Trees”, which seems to appeal to me due to (again, what to me is) a late-60s sound - plausible, given the ‘psychedelic rock’ tag. :-) And there are even small details that appeal to me, like the pairing of the end of “Goodbye Gatwick Blues” with the start of “Cold Fields”, which is one of the best new track transitions i've heard for a while.

Better descriptions of this post's music welcome!

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[a] i.e. Naarm/Melbourne, Australia.