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Neurodivergence, sexuality, connection and intimacy

[ Originally posted in a different space, 2022-11-16. ]

Sexuality, connection and intimacy amongst neurodivergent people don't necessarily look the same as they do in neurotypicality. The expressions of desire, love and care that are meaningful to us might not look like desire, love and care to neurotypical people.

Some neurodivergent people can find light/gentle touch intolerable, but be fine (or actively enjoy) firm touch. Some experience love and care by being given substantial physical space, while some of us experience love and care through intense physical experiences.

Neuronormative notions about which behaviours ‘objectively’ express connection, intimacy, love and care can limit or prevent neurodivergent people from developing positive relationships that meet our needs, rather than what neurotypical people presume our needs are, or ‘should’ be.

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