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Re: Narcissism

i've not posted in a while, though i do have several draft posts on the go. Hopefully i'll get to completing some of them soon ....

Alex Schroeder has written an excellent post about narcissistic behaviours in communities: the problems they create, and how they can be difficult to deal with.


When reading the post, i couldn't help but think of tech communities, and FOSS dev communities in particular:

My own experience of FOSS dev culture over the last couple of decades is that it's often pretty toxic, in a number of ways. Aggressive, insulting, intimidating condescension is modelled by high-profile figures, and reproduced throughout the community ... In fact, this is one of several common behaviours in FOSS dev circles i'm no longer willing to have to deal with: behaviours which i find draining at best, and actively upsetting at worst. It's not pleasant to not only get lots of flak from end-users, but from fellow devs as well. The desire to volunteer and contribute does not outweigh the effects on my health. There are many more welcoming, friendly and supportive communities nowadays; one doesn't have to suffer these people as Part Of The Job.

-- "Re: Attack Vector for FOSS"

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