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The original cancel cultures

[ Originally posted in a private space, 2022-04-14; lightly edited. ]

‘Cancel culture’? You mean, racism and white supremacy, sexism / misogyny / patriarchy, ableism and neuronormativity, queerphobia and heteronormativity, transphobia and cisnormativity, and so on? Those are just some of the many long-standing ‘cancel cultures’ manifested by institutionalised hierarchy. Normative mainstream discourses silence (‘cancel’) the lived experiences of those in marginalised communities, and data validating those experiences, _by excluding them from mainstream discourses in the first place_.

Some of the claims about ‘cancel culture’ are actually raising important critiques of certain styles of leftist activist cultures - critiques i share, and have written about elsewhere. But the ‘cancelling’ being done by ‘cancel culture’ needs to be put in the context of the sort of ‘cancelling’ i mentioned above - ‘cancelling’ which involves far more serious consequences for many people than those experienced by highly-privileged person not being able to broadcast their discriminatory/privileged opinions in any forum they want.

Comic: “I have been silenced!”

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