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The purpose of Gemini, and ease-of-access to geminispace

i haven't been writing stuff for my capsule as much as i'd like, for a variety of reasons. (One of which is that i've been porting the HTML documentation for s6-networking[a] and execline[b] to mdoc(7).) This post is something of an attempt to re-orient myself back towards writing.

In a recent post to the Gemini mailing list, i wrote:

i've encountered people discussing Gemini as something intended to supersede the Web, even though the opening text of gemini.circumlunar.space states:

“Gemini is a new internet protocol which: • Is heavier than gopher • Is lighter than the web • Will not replace either”

and FAQ 1.4 states:

“1.4 ‘Do you really think you can replace the web?’ Not for a minute! Nor does anybody involved with Gemini want to destroy Gopherspace. Gemini is not intended to replace either Gopher or the web, but to co-exist peacefully alongside them as one more option which people can freely choose to use if it suits them.”

That said, in terms of FAQ 1.1:

“You may think of Gemini as ‘the web, stripped right back to its essence’ or as ‘Gopher, souped up and modernised a little’, depending upon your perspective.”

i prefer the latter perspective, as i think the former tends to encourage people to think of Gemini along the lines of, say, HTTP 1.1 and HTML 3.2.

So i was gratified to read the following post, which echoes most of my own sentiments on this topic:

"gemini isn’t meant to do everything"

i also found this proposal interesting:

"a user-friendly interface for the Gemiverse" [c]

i find it encouraging that the Gemini community continues to look for ways to make geminispace easier to access and contribute to.

🏷 gemini


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[a] s6-networking

[b] execline

[c] Favourite sentence: “No Electron, please.” It hurts my head that people do things like create a bookmark manager using an entire Web rendering engine rather than simply creating a GUI for something like buku:


which is what i did with Ebuku: