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Some of the music i'm listening to - 1

As a member of one of Melbourne's community radio stations, 3PBS[a], i end up learning about a lot of great music that i wouldn't otherwise get to hear. So i thought i'd start sharing some of the music i've been buying and listening to in recent times. Overwhelmingly i've been buying from Bandcamp; i can actually download (DRM-free) content, rather than paying for a subscription service. i want to be able to listen to the music i've bought even when no network connection is available, for whatever reason. And i find the Bandcamp UI pleasantly friendly and no-nonsense.

To begin with, a few synth-based tracks that appeal to me due to what i feel is quite an early 80s sound[b]. "The Combine" sounds like something from some early-80s movie set in a future dystopia; perhaps the intent, since it's from the album "Screen Memories". "Your Angels Drowned on the Beach" sounds like it could be from some dive bar in the same setting. "Time Machine" is more upbeat, and could perhaps be used for the movie's end credits. :-)

John Maus: "The Combine"

Legowelt: "Your Angels Drowned on the Beach"

Spike Vincent: "Time Machine"

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[a] https://www.pbsfm.org.au/ 3PBS

[b] "Fade to Grey", by Visage, is one of the first songs i remember loving (and still do - i'm a sucker for the sound of the French language). i'm also a fan of Ultravox's albums "Vienna", "Rage in Eden" and "Quartet".