flexibeast.space - gemlog - 2020-10-18


The last week or so has been a particularly difficult time for me, in terms of my mental health. This morning there was some good news: Melbourne's COVID-related restrictions are starting to ease. At one point in August we reached a peak of 725 new cases in a day, but as a result of the lockdown, we're now down to two new cases overnight, and no deaths.

Something else i'm feeling positive about is becoming part of tilde.town, β€œan intentional digital community for making art, socializing, and learning.”


When first learning about geminispace, i also learned of the existence of the tildeverse, which i feel is well-described in ~cmccabe's post about the Slow Movement and the Internet:

A more involved part of this Slow Movement is practiced by those who have or are willing to build hands-on familiarity with Internet and computer technology. These people are building an alternative dimension on the Internet, one that is diverse and decentralized rather than revolving around a few massive platforms; one that revolves around people and communities rather than warping them to revolve around the platform. The services, tools and platforms in this alternate dimension aren't designed to compel users toward consumerism. They are designed to support communities, and to to share information and experiences; and to be used however people want to use them, rather than how corporate sponsors want them to be used.


The Slow Movement and the Internet

i applied to join tilde.town in particular for two reasons:

So tilde.town seems good for where i'm at, and i'm looking forward to being involved in the tilde.town community.


🏷 sociology


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