flexibeast.space - gemlog - 2023-01-11

Brief life update - 2

i haven't posted for almost two months - i've again kept intending to finalise various drafts and post them, but again, there's been lots going on, including:

All that said, i have finally got around to providing gemlog Atom feeds by tag[a]. i've been aware that many people prefer to follow a blog when it's mostly focused on a certain topic, and in terms of my own blog in particular, that people might be interested in (say) my ‘ict’ posts, without wanting to have e.g. ‘kink’ posts popping up in their feeds (which is fair enough). At the same time, i've spent most of my life having to compartmentalise way too much, constantly having to mask significant parts of myself in various contexts. So my blogs have been an outlet where i can “be myself”, and express myself for my mental health and wellbeing. With all my posts now tagged, i can provide topic-specific feeds without having to restrict what i write about.

Let's see if i can resume posting more regularly again from here on.

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