flexibeast.space - gemlog - 2020-12-24

Genderqueer demographics

I don't know many fellow DMAB genderqueers; most of the genderqueers I know are afab. I'm not sure if this is just the circles I move in (‘anecdote’ is not the singular of ‘data’ etc.), or whether it's actually representative of a wider phenomenon. It wouldn't surprise me if it was the latter, at least in part. As someone who's not only genderqueer, but trans as well, I'm keenly aware of the double-bind trans women face as part of being expected to constantly ‘prove’ our womanhood: signs of ‘maleness’ / ‘masculinity’ are taken as counter-evidence, but then we're criticised for “parodying femininity” if we're “too femme”[a]. So identifying as anything other than a woman (in my case, I identify as both a woman and a man) is likely to exacerbate this issue.

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[a] Trans women can be pressured into being ultra-femme not only by gatekeepers demanding that trans women present in a sufficiently ‘feminine’ way for an extended period of time in order to get access to hormones/surgery, but also by ‘tranny chasers’ who want ‘she-males’ / ‘chicks with dicks’. i myself have been criticised for being ‘deceptive’ by not presenting femme enough.