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Are trans dommes unusual?

Further to an old post of mine:

“A(nother) kink road less travelled?”

i recently mentioned on a queer+tgd dating app that i'd had

a conversation with a trans sub who was bemoaning the lack of trans domme porn and trans dommes more generally. Are we really that uncommon? My impression is that i'm unusual for being a trans woman who basically only tops, but to what extent are most trans women predominantly bottoms?

i found the responses interesting:

In one conversation, i wondered if what might be happening - at least in part - is that people are trying to convey that they can't find trans dommes who meet their other requirements. Like, for example, how a cishet woman might bemoan a lack of men: it's not that there aren't available men per se, which there clearly are, it's that there aren't available men who have the desired characteristics.

i'd love to know whether there's any academic research on this topic ....

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