flexibeast.space - poetry

Some of my poetry. i don't claim it's good, but it usually says what i want it to say.

“They shuffle forward, an ashen line to nowhere”

“So often a Canary”

“There is no escape”

“But then i realised”

“Too much Fabulous, too much”

“i am an acceptable collateral loss”

“You broke that twig”

“You are so sure

“Darkness is quiet; i feel it”

“You are SO à la mode”

“i don't trust you”

“Where were you”

“i will be third against the wall”

“i am not enough”

“Obstacles surrounding”

“Does my voice count”

“i am a woman, i am a man”

“Trans bodies are terrain”

“They're dead”

“The world is turned up to 11”

“‘In person’, i am less”

“Warm welcoming space”

“Currents in currents”

“Night is a balm”

“You only want change where you don't”