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“i don't trust you”

i don't trust you.

Your voice sounds familiar:
those seeking ends,
those confident they know
who is right, who is wrong.
Who is expendable.

i don't trust you:
i have studied history,
i have seen the paths walked
by those with your tone.
By those crusaders.

Your voice sounds familiar.

i hear it in the echoes of
the cries of my predecessors
who heard words of hope
whose energies were used
who refused to stay silent
whose lives were destroyed.

i hear it in my memories of
being attacked, marginalised,
for doing my own analyses,
for acknowledging complexity,
for refusing dichotomies.
For doing critical thinking wrong.

you are on my side.
you are fighting for people like me.
But history and experience suggest

you will not hesitate to round on me if
you feel i have become a roadbump on
your perfect path to
your perfect society.

i have few reasons to trust you.

No, i don't trust you.

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