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“You are so sure

You are _so sure_
Just like the leftists

who were _so sure_
  that migrants and refugees are
  feckless thieves
  of white worker's jobs and pay

who were _so sure_
  that critics of Comrade Stalin are
  bourgeois lackeys
  spreading misinformation and lies

who were _so sure_
  that queers are
  biologically unnatural
  products of capitalism

who are _so sure_
  that trans women are
  queerphobic men
  colonising womanhood

who are _so sure_
  that kinky women are
  broken women
  eroticising self-oppression

who are _so sure_
  that sex workers are
  voiceless dupes
  needing white saviours

Who are you now silencing
because you are _so sure_
their voices need not be heard? 

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