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General sexuality

Bohmer et al's “Intersectional Masturbation: A Content Analysis on Female Masturbation Studies Through a Sex Positive and Intersectional Lens” (2022)

Hirst, Froggatt and Kenny's “Perceptions of Young Women Who Engage in Anal Sex: A Sociological Inquiry” (2023)

McBride and Fortenberry's “Heterosexual Anal Sexuality and Anal Sex Behaviors: A Review” (2010)

McBride's “Heterosexual Women's Anal Sex Attitudes and Motivations: A Focus Group Study” (2017)

Kink and bdsm

Dunkley and Brotto's “Clinical Considerations in Treating BDSM Practioners: A Review” (2018)

Heritage's “Name that Community? Critical Reflections on the Ethics About Disseminating Research into Online Fetish Communities” (2022)

Martinez's “Overwhelming whiteness of BDSM: A critical discourse analysis of racialization in BDSM” (2021)

Pliskin's “Autism, sexuality and BDSM” (2022)

Saketopoulou's “The Draw to Overwhelm: Consent, Risk and the Retranslation of Enigma” (2019)

Sheppard's “Chronic Pain as Fluid, BDSM as Control” (2019)

Waldura et al's “Fifty Shades of Stigma: Exploring the Health Care Experiences of Kink-Oriented Patients” (2016)

Queer and tgd

Gairola's “The X factors of sex: hijras, Victorian law, and digital porn in postcolonial India” (2019)

Jain's “Becoming Myself: Authenticity as a Pathway Toward Well-Being for Sexual Minority Populations” (2023)

Khubchandani's “Between aunties: sexual futures and queer South Asian aunty porn” (2021)

Sex work and porn

Ahearn's “Between the Sex Industry and Academia: Navigating Stigma and Disgust” (2015)

Arthur's “Arousing disgust: visceral configurations of the queer, obscene, and pornographic in the reception and trial of William S. Burrough's Naked Lunch (1959)” (2021)

Asman's “Once upon a time in Turkey: the sex influx, gender inequality, and revisiting past pornographies” (2023)

Blunt and Stardust's “Automating whorephobia: sex, technology and the violence of deplatforming. An interview with Hacking//Hustling” (2021)

Bronstein's “Deplatforming sexual speech in the age of FOSTA/SESTA” (2021)

Maddison's “Is the rectum still a grave? Anal sex, pornography and transgression” (2012)

Maina and Zecca's “Turn on the red light: notes on the birth of Italian pornography” (2021)

Monea's “I know it when I see it: the heteronormativity of Google's SafeSearch” (2022)

Nocella's “Producing BDSM content on porn platforms: a day in the life of Countess Diamond” (2023)

van der Nagel's “Competing platform imaginaries of NSFW content creation on OnlyFans” (2021)


“Kinky Shakespeare”: out-of-context quotes from Shakespeare

Witchcraft on Discworld


Debord's “Society of the Spectacle” (1967)

Vaneigem's “Revolution of Everyday Life” (1965)