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General sexuality

Bohmer et al's “Intersectional Masturbation: A Content Analysis on Female Masturbation Studies Through a Sex Positive and Intersectional Lens” (2022)

Cornell et al's “Sexualities, social justice and sexual justice” (2018, 2023)

Hirst, Froggatt and Kenny's “Perceptions of Young Women Who Engage in Anal Sex: A Sociological Inquiry” (2023)

McBride and Fortenberry's “Heterosexual Anal Sexuality and Anal Sex Behaviors: A Review” (2010)

McBride's “Heterosexual Women's Anal Sex Attitudes and Motivations: A Focus Group Study” (2017)

Kink and bdsm

Dunkley and Brotto's “Clinical Considerations in Treating BDSM Practioners: A Review” (2018)

Hansen-Brown et al's “Perceptions of and stigma toward BDSM practitioners” (2022)

Heritage's “Name that Community? Critical Reflections on the Ethics About Disseminating Research into Online Fetish Communities” (2022)

Martin's “Fisting Subjectivity: Narratives of Sexual Subjectivity Among Gay Fist-Fuckers” (2024)

Martinez's “Overwhelming whiteness of BDSM: A critical discourse analysis of racialization in BDSM” (2021)

Pliskin's “Autism, sexuality and BDSM” (2022)

Saketopoulou's “The Draw to Overwhelm: Consent, Risk and the Retranslation of Enigma” (2019)

Sheppard's “Chronic Pain as Fluid, BDSM as Control” (2019)

van der Beek et al's “‘I wish people knew that there are other flavors’ Reflections on the representation of poly-kink in mainstream media by polyamorous kinksters in the Netherlands” (2023)

Waldura et al's “Fifty Shades of Stigma: Exploring the Health Care Experiences of Kink-Oriented Patients” (2016)


Tourish's “Ideological Intransigence, Democratic Centralism and Cultism: A Case Study” (1998)

Queer and tgd

Gairola's “The X factors of sex: hijras, Victorian law, and digital porn in postcolonial India” (2019)

Jain's “Becoming Myself: Authenticity as a Pathway Toward Well-Being for Sexual Minority Populations” (2023)

Khubchandani's “Between aunties: sexual futures and queer South Asian aunty porn” (2021)

Sex work and porn

Ahearn's “Between the Sex Industry and Academia: Navigating Stigma and Disgust” (2015)

Arthur's “Arousing disgust: visceral configurations of the queer, obscene, and pornographic in the reception and trial of William S. Burrough's Naked Lunch (1959)” (2021)

Asman's “Once upon a time in Turkey: the sex influx, gender inequality, and revisiting past pornographies” (2023)

Blunt and Stardust's “Automating whorephobia: sex, technology and the violence of deplatforming. An interview with Hacking//Hustling” (2021)

Bronstein's “Deplatforming sexual speech in the age of FOSTA/SESTA” (2021)

Maddison's “Is the rectum still a grave? Anal sex, pornography and transgression” (2012)

Maina and Zecca's “Turn on the red light: notes on the birth of Italian pornography” (2021)

Monea's “I know it when I see it: the heteronormativity of Google's SafeSearch” (2022)

Nocella's “Producing BDSM content on porn platforms: a day in the life of Countess Diamond” (2023)

van der Nagel's “Competing platform imaginaries of NSFW content creation on OnlyFans” (2021)


“Kinky Shakespeare”: out-of-context quotes from Shakespeare

Witchcraft on Discworld


Debord's “Society of the Spectacle” (1967)

Vaneigem's “Revolution of Everyday Life” (1965)