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The Mars at right angles

Mars is, of course, mostly dead. Except ...

Except, it's not. Not at right angles to our reality.

At right angles to our reality, there's a living civilisation on Mars. And Earth is .... dead? alive? Whatever it is, it's a bizarre blur in space that shreds anything that gets too close to it.

On the other hand, is it that much less bizarre for that civilisation to be the only life on that Mars, even though the planet has large lakes and rivers which you would expect to be full of at least some single-celled life?

And what of that Martian civilisation being more advanced than us, but not by any significant amount? On evolutionary time scales, their technology is essentially within epsilon of ours. The odds against this seem, well, astronomical.

How does any of this make sense? It doesn't. And yet, all of this is. In some sense. But, how?

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