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She's been running for so long now. She doesn't feel tired; through all this, she's never felt tired. Because there's never been an opportunity for that; there's been no choice.

Her will to continue existing is what's allowed her to open portals in space without thinking, to pass through them into places she had no idea existed. But that hasn't been enough: again, and again, and again, he's continued, with that same level of will, to follow her, to complete his task of erasing her.

Maybe this will be the place where she can stop, where she can be safer. Not merely feel like she might be safer; experience has taught her that such hopeful feelings can be dangerously deceptive. There's wreckage to be navigated, but that's hardly a challenge in comparison to what's been.

She longs to unfurl. She feels that yearning start to seep through; through all this, she's felt the presence of that yearning. But there's never been an opportunity to feel that; there's been no choice.

This might be merely the next point on the continuum protecting his pursuit. And yet ....

It might be something less familiar.

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