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“We were lying in bed spooning”

We were lying in bed spooning, me grinding my groin against her ass. i put my thumb in her mouth and my fingers on her cheek, my thumb pushing down on her tongue, signalling that she was to open her mouth for me. She responded immediately, lowering her jaw obediently.

i removed my thumb and replaced it with my index and middle fingers, pressing their tips down on the back of her tongue. Withdrawing them, i added my ring finger, then used my fingers to spread the sides of her mouth wide, opening her up like the holes she is.

Without warning, i slapped her face twice; she thanked me appropriately.

It didn't take long before i was unable to resist putting my hand around her throat. My thumb and forefinger gripped either side of her neck firmly, the webbing pressing against her windpipe - at first gently, then with more force. She let out a sound that was both a gasp and a groan, and her entire body shook and shuddered against mine.

i began pinching the skin of her neck between my thumb and the first joint of my index finger, doing so in several places, making her cry out in pain. i soothed her by caressing her cheek gently for several moments, then took the opportunity to slap her face a few more times, enjoying her yelps and how she struggled to take the third blow.

i decided to give her face a rest, and spanked her ass several times, appreciating the feel of her flesh against the flat of my hand.

One of the many delightful aspects of my wonderful slut is that she orgasms on command. Using both hands to grab her by the roots of her hair, and yanking her head back, i ordered her to come for me. She did so, my hands keeping her head still as the rest of her writhed and thrashed. i love loud sex, and i love loud orgasms, and as usual, my possession didn't disappoint; i blissed out and floated in her screams, my world reduced to nothing but the sound and feel of my fucktoy coming at my pleasure.

There are many worse ways to spend a Saturday afternoon. 🙂