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“Masturbate for me”

Masturbate for me.

Pleasure yourself. Moan for me. Tell me what you're doing to your


Describe what your fingers are touching, what your hands are

holding. Your ass? Your groin? Your inner thighs? Maybe you're

loosening your tie, or pushing your knickers aside. Maybe you're

tracing the lines of your folds, making yourself shiver. Maybe you're

tasting yourself, savouring your fingers with your tongue.

Do you want to come? Do you need to come? Are you aching for

release, or are you simply aching to take yourself to that place where

there is nothing but waves of pleasure, rising, falling, rising again.

Enjoy the ride, the journey. Tell me how good it feels.

Describe the sensations as you move your hands, your torso, your

legs. Maybe there are gentle steady currents. Maybe there are unseen

rips that sweep you away. Maybe there are hidden whirlpools that

overwhelm you and suck you down.

Is your mouth slack, drooling, wanton? Or are your lips closed, your

tongue running back and forth across them, wetting them with your


Are your toes curling? Are your feet flexing back and forth? Are your

legs spreading wider and wider, opening yourself up to lust?

Is your breathing slow and deep, or staccato, ragged? Or are there gasps

of surprised pleasure, sharp intakes of breath?

Masturbate for me. Let me hear how much you're enjoying it. Let me

hear you yell and shout and scream. Let me hear you take yourself to

paradise and back.

Masturbate for me.

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