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“It's so good to pin someone”

It's so good to pin someone to the mattress and ride them.

i love covering someone from head to toe, pushing my cock so deep into their ass that they're not sure they can take it, yet sure that they need to take it anyway. i love hearing their gasps and whimpers.

i use my forearm on the back of their neck to hold them down. i use my forearm underneath their neck, against their throat, to pull them back towards me, to brace them against my thrusts. i use both forearms to raise myself upwards, my back arching to drive into them even further.

My feet i use to kick their legs apart, and to kick them together - whatever i need to best take advantage of them at that moment, and to remind them that they're under my control, that their ass is mine to open and fill and fuck.

i use my hand on their head to take my weight; yet another way to pin them in two places for my pleasure.

i need to pin them and mount them to take my lust: my lust for them and their ass, my lust for the hole that my cock craves. i need to feel them melt into submitting, into taking what i need to give.