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“i want to hear you beg me to use you”

i want to hear you beg me to use you.

i want you kneeling naked in front of me, your eyes pleading, your mouth slack and drooling, shameless in your need.

“You want to be used?” i'd ask you.

“Yes, yes, use me, please!” you'd reply.

But merely saying that you want to be used isn't enough for me. i want to hear you say that you need to be used, that your body is crying out to be used inside and out, to be hurt and marked. And when i don't say anything further, but merely raise a questioning eyebrow, you know what to say.

“I need you to use me. I need you to take this flesh and claim it. I need you to mark it as yours. Bite me, bruise me, slap my face, spank my ass, claw the inside of my thighs and leave great long welts. Fill my fuckholes however you want. Use toys, use your cock, your hands, I don't care. Pound into me for your pleasure. Use me, take me, claim me, please, please!”

Your voice is starting to crack in desperation. And is that a tear forming in the corner of your right eye? i hope so. You know how much your tears turn me on. i reach over and grasp the sides of your neck, my thumb on one side and my fingers on the other, the pressure just enough to make you wince in pleasure. i lean forward and whisper in your ear: "And what if i decide i don't want to use you right now?"

You swallow, trying to keep at bay the feeling of panic. “Then so be it. I am yours to use, or not use, at your will.”

i smile, let go of your neck, and slap your face. A single tear starts to slide down your cheek - a tear of happiness, as you realise that my slap was your reward for giving the right answer.

“Turn around and present, slut,” i say. And i move towards you, ready to give you what we both need.

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